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This allows you to change your uregina.ca password (used for Novell, Email, UR Courses, Papercut (printing/copying), wireless et. al.)

Your Username:    (eg. brubble1)
Current Password:

New Password:         Verify New Password:

Password complexity and length should take into account the sensitivity and importance of the systems that the authorization is intended for. The more important, the longer the password should be in addition to the use of a mix of upper and lower case with special characters and numbers. It is better not to reuse passwords that have been used before or are used on other accounts. Using the same password on multiple accounts increases the risk of compromise.
The new password is required to satisfy the following:
- Minimum 6 characters
- Cannot contain first name, last name, username, or birthdate
- Cannot contain any 4 digits found in student/employee ID
- Cannot contain any sequence of increasing or decreasing digits greater than 3 (1234XX or XX4321 for example)
- Cannot contain any character repeated three or more times
- For employees only, must contain at least one alpha character and one non-alpha character

For further assistance, please call the IT Support Centre at 306-585-4685 or email: IT.Support@uregina.ca