URlogo   Account Activation Portal

The account activation portal is used to activate your uregina.ca account(used for URcourses, outlook.com, etc.) for first time use or to re-activate an account that has been temporarily suspended.
Enter the following information to verify your identity:
Enter uregina account name to activate:
Enter your 9 digit Student/Employee ID:
Enter Activation Code:                  

Initial Activation of a new account:
Students - Initial activation code is your Birthdate DDMMYY
Staff - Initial activation code is provided in your account letter. Contact IT Support to request a new code.

Re-Activating your account:
IT Support will have provided you an activation code when you called/visited them. If you have just forgotten your password you can use reset password webpage option that will email a reset link to an alternate email address.

For further assistance, contact the IT Support Centre:
Phone 306-585-4685
Email IT.Support@uregina.ca